Samsung T5 – MU-PA1T0B/AM – Portable 1TB SSD USB 3.1.


Hello friends. If you are on this page, it means that you need more information about Samsung T5 SSD.

Samsung – MU-PA1T0B / AM is considered to be a good SSD and has already given little information about it on Home Page. But here I am going to give you more information about it.

So let’s start, and I promise you that after reading this post completely, you will have no doubt about this product.


As you all know that Samsung is known on the basis of a better company in the world for memory technology. The “Samsung Portable SSD T5” is the latest innovation from Samsung in external storage that enables you to enjoy exceptional speed, and a sleek and solid form factor, secure data protection and multi-device Flexibility. It will meet all your data storage needs as well as provide you with a new and improved experience.

It is also not behind in terms of security! It enables users to store, access and transfer data seamlessly and securely. Access and transfer data across multiple operating systems and devices with password protection software based on AES 256-bit hardware encryption. And USB Type-C to C, USB Type-C to A, USB Type-C port which comes in the box with it, further improves your data transfer.

Why should you choose this SSD?

If you ask me that there are many products on the market, but why should choose this product? The answer is that it is an external SSD made by Samsung with the latest technology. And in this you will also get extraordinary speeds along with password protection, which is much better than any other SSD.And the best things is that it comes with 3 years of warranty.

Why should you choose this

And what I like is that you can use it on PC as well as Android phones. Just you have to install a software and give the password, then you can use it. I will give you complete information on how to configure it below.

How to start using?


After purchasing Samsung T5 Portable SSD you will get two cables inside the box, one USB 3.1 USB-C to A cable and the other USB 3.1 USB-C to C cable.

Select the cable compatible with your device and connect with the SSD. I have given complete information about how you will connect SSD in PC and in an android phone, you must read it and use your new SSD.

For PC, Laptop and Mac.

If you want to use SSD in your PC then you have to first install Samsung Portable SSD Software according to your operating system. Below is the software file for both Windows and MAC operating systems. You can download and install the file according to your PC.

1.Install The Samsung Portable SSD Software on your PC.

Above you have given the software of this SSD so that when you buy it, you do not have to search any more. Install the software according to your operating system(Windows OS & Mac OS).

2.Set your password.(You can also use it without a password)

After installing Portable SSD Software connect SSD with PC via cable. Then you will have a screen show like the given image below, you have to fill your name and password in it. Then click finish.

Samsung T5 - MU-PA1T0B/AM - Portable 1TB SSD USB 3.1.

3.Now you can Unlock the SSD with password.

Now you do not need to do anything else, only after doing this, you can use your SSD. Now, whenever you want to use it, connect to your PC and you can use it after entering the password.

Samsung T5 - MU-PA1T0B/AM - Portable 1TB SSD USB 3.1.

Samsung T5 - MU-PA1T0B/AM - Portable 1TB SSD USB 3.1.

4. You can change your user name, password and security mode by clicking “SETTINGS”

After performing the steps mentioned above, you can now use your SSD. If you want to change your password and name, you can do it by clicking in Settings.

5.Update Software and Firmware.

Sometimes keep updating Samsung Portable SSD Software. But you need to have an internet connection with pc to update this software.

Samsung T5 - MU-PA1T0B/AM - Portable 1TB SSD USB 3.1.

For android Phones and Tablets.

Download Application from Google Play Store and install it. Then set the password, You can use the same password saved in T5 for computer and Android phone or tablets.

Samsung T5 - MU-PA1T0B/AM - Portable 1TB SSD USB 3.1.

System Requirements.

Windows Operating System: Windows 7 or higher.
MAC Operating System: Mac OS X 10.9 or higher.
Android: Android KitKat (ver. 4.4) or higher.

Key Features.

Data Transfer Speed: Up to 540 MB/sec.
AES Encryption: AES 256-bit hardware encryption.
Security: If you install the Samsumg Portable SSD Software, it requires Windows 7, Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks), Android 4.4 (KitKat), or higher. May the Older versions of Windows, Mac and Android operating systems not be supported.
Certification: CE, KC, C-tick, BSMI, UL, VCCI, EAC, FCC, IC, TUV, CB.
RoHS Compliance: RoHS2.
Other: Full HD optimize, USB 3.1.

Understanding the LED Lights.

Working StatusLED Behavior
Plugged in/IdleSolid blue
Read/WriteBlinking blue
Safely Remove/Computer Sleep ModeBlinking red 1 time

FAQs on Samsung T5– MU-PA1T0B/AM.

How to clean?

I advise you to clean it gently with a soft cloth. Do not use water, chemical substances or detergent yo clean.

How to Delete Samsung Portable SSD Software ?

If you want to delete Samsung Portable SSD Software then Go to Control panel in Windows ➡️ All Programs ➡️ Programs and Features ➡️ Uninstall or change a program ➡️ Double-click on “Samsung Portable SSD Software” and select “Yes”

I have lost my password. Can I disable the Password Protection feature?

No, you cannot access ssd if you forget your password. There is only one way and that is factory reset.If you want to know more about factory reset, please comment and tell.



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